DynaWeld Patio Doors

DynaWeld Patio Doors


up fusion welded corner
Fusion Welding at the door panel corners transforms four vinyl extrusions into a strong, one-piece door.

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Economical Vinyl Patio Doors

The benefits of owning a DynaWeld Patio Door include energy saving, maintenance-free vinyl at an economical price.

Our baseline patio door model for the most savings and value.
Polaris® vinyl compound retains its pristine appearance for a lifetime.
Fusion welded frame and sash corners are strong and seamless.
Left or right operable reversible door panel.
Aluminum rebar in interlock stiles and lock stile.
EnergySMART® Glass upgrades Low-E coating reduces damaging ultra-violet light and temperature transmission.

Vinyl Paint Colors

Colors shown are reproduced by mechanical process and may vary from actual colors of product.
Use actual color selectors for most accurate results.

Decorative Glass Styles

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